gForce Photography
Online Portfolio
HTML. CSS. PHP. Wordpress. JQuery. Photoshop.

Although the gForce Photography site is built using Wordpress it dispenses with all of the usual Wordpress for most of the site and uses fullscreen photos and minimal UI to deliver the maximum impact as soon as the visitor loads the site.

A randomised and rotating slideshow keeps the site looking and feeling fresh and is fully updatable by the admin of the site.

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As well as the full screen portfolio section of the site there is also a more traditional, blog section accessed from the main menu. This helps the photographer communicate to people interested in in-water photography and future/present clients alike about the thoughts and process of surf photography.

gForce Screenshot
Gravity Poster
Large Format Print
Photoshop. Illustrator.

Produced to explain the concept of gravity to children. Designed to be printed on board and displayed alongside a scientific exhibit.

The large quantity of scientific content was softened using bespoke illustrations which also strengthened the concepts. Colours used were kept to a minimum to keep a cohesion between so many elements on one page.

Gravity Poster
Newquay Zoo Tree
Large Format Print
Photoshop. Illustrator. Photography.

Designed to explain a project at Newquay Zoo to create a photographic encyclopaedia and family tree of Newquay Zoo's inhabitants.

Photographs, illustrations and layout (all taken and produced by 2hands) were used to explain the project to visitors of the zoo.

Newquay Zoo Family Tree Poster
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